From massage therapy to wellness classes and personal instruction our vision is to see more men and women empowered with an increased,self-knowledge, self-esteem, and insight about self and others. Thus, having the ability to change unproductive energy around them at will, so they can begin to prosper abundantly. Through our classes and workshops, the individual will be able to harness anger and stress and redirect it with appropriate coping skills. Through our Nutrition and Lifestyle classes our clients will be motivated to make other appropriate behavioral changes. We want to see our clients move in unity and harmony with the Spirit of Love. Love can move mountains and Love does move mountains!

The Wellness Center is nestled in the lovely, historic Overbrook Farms section of Philadelphia. It is conveniently located off of City Line Avenue and is accessible approximately 15 minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Center City.

Deep Tissue Massage
95.00 USD

Helps to improve circulation of blood and lymph, relax the muscles, improve movement of joints, reduce stress, improve mental and emotional well being and provide a sense of peace and harmony within.

Raindrop Therapy
95.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

A Native American tradition from the Lakota Tribe that consists of placing various essential oils along the spine. They are then massaged into your body taking 20 minutes to be absorbed into your body enhancing the function of your various organs.

Hot Stone Massage
110.00 USD

A therapeutic massage incorporates heated, polished Basalt lava stones that are placed on and under the body while the therapist uses smaller palm stones to actually massage the penetrating heat deep into sore, tired muscles. Very relaxing and therapeutic

Colonic Irrigation
85.00 USD

A gentle yet thorough cleansing of the large intestine with 15 to 20 gallons of water. The process includes a massage of your abdomen and massaging points in the back of neck & shoulders & down your back to assist the elimination of the gas & waste.clarity of mind. $85.00 1/2 hr.

Royal Package
185.00 USD

This package includes a colonic, 1/2 hour steam and 1 hour Swedish massage.

Steam Bath
75.00 USD

Is great for cleansing the skin, the largest organ of your body, by breaking down heavy, toxic metals from the body, thereby, enhancing the immune system. It relieves and breaks up congestion in the body.

Body Wraps
85.00 USD

We provide seaweed and clay body wraps.

21 Day Fast
350.00 USD

The 21 Day Fast consists of fasting on fruit and vegetable juices in addition to taking nutrients for 21 days. The $350. includes all products you will need for 21 days. A colonic irrigation, 1/2 hour steam and 1/2 massage is included to enhance the detox process.





Body Wraps:

Help to detoxify the body, clear the skin and pull parasites out of the body. It leaves you with glowing and glistening skin. It is also good for weight loss because it rids the body of excess water weight and waste. You can have your choice of clay, mineral or seaweed.  We begin with a steam to open your pores followed by exfoliating the body with Spa Glow then painting with the clay. Beginning at: $85.00 / hour




Steam Bath:

Is great for cleansing the skin, the largest organ of your body, by breaking down heavy, toxic metals from the body, thereby, enhancing the immune system. It relieves and breaks up congestion in the body. It also helps to destroy heat sensitive organisms such as viruses and bacteria, which are sensitive to increases in body heat. This service has been greatly enhanced due to the use of oxygenated water. This oxygenated water is absorbed through the skin and is instantaneously utilized at the cellular level. This allows the body to lose between 200 - 400 calories in a 20 minute sesson! $75.00/hr.




The Ultimate Healer:

The Ultimate Healer incorporates a Steam, Swedish massage along with stretching. This therapy improves flexibility, alleviates muscle cramps, strains and improves circulation. 11/2 hr. $185.00


The Royal Package:

The Royal Package includes a colonic, massage and steam bath, in one convenient package and takes about 2 hours of your time. 
-with 1hr massage $185.00
-with 1/2 hr. massage $155.00


7 Day Fasting Program:

Fasting on fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, water and nutrients is a natural start or continuation of the individual concerned with improving their healthy lifestyle. We offer individualized programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your concerns and issues. $280 (Includes:  Fasting Products for 7 days, steam, 1/2 hr. massage and colonic irrigation).


21 Day Fasting Program:

Fasting on fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, water and nutrients under Khummit's supervision.  We do have group and individual fasting programs.  If you want to lose weight or just concerned with improving your healthy lifestyle this is a great way to jumpstart your new lifestyle.  If you are just beginning to change your eating habits clean your system to make way for the new foods you will be introducing into your body.  We offer individualized programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your concerns and issues.
$350. (includes all your fasting products for 21 days, steam, 1/2  hr. massage & 1 colonic irrigation).  It does not include your fruits and veggies).



Inner Peace Package:

includes the 1/2 hr. steam, Raindrop Therapy(10 different oils are used on your back that go right into your cells. This is a very relaxing and healing therapy that comes to us from the Lakota tribe) and full body massage.


Spirit Therapy Package:

The Spirit Therapy Package includes: 1 hr. of Energy, Sound and Water Therapy -Reiki-(hands on healing) which is very relaxing and healing along with Sound Therapy using the Tuning Forks (remove blockages at the molecular level of all your major organs thru sound.  Your body can get out of tune – just like a piano. So a Tuning Fork Session uses the same tuning forks that you would use to tune a piano. It is a natural method of healing using tuning forks based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature. When we tap the tuning forks, we produce pure musical intervals based on precise mathematical proportions known as the Pythagorean tunings. When we listen to these intervals we create a resonance resulting in physical and psychic repatterning of our mind, bodies, and spirit. This takes place on the physical level within the inner ear by the stimulation of the tuning fork sound vibrations.) and Water Therapy via a Colonic Irrigation. $150.00


Spiritual Readings- $125.00 by appointment only


Health and wellness are within your reach.

  • Avg. Cost (per session/colonic): $85.
  • Consultation: $95. 
  • Accepts Insurance: No
  • Gender: All
  • Age: Adolescents, Adults, Children, Elders



  • School: Heal Thyself Education & Resource Center
  • Certificate: Colon Therapy & Holistic Wellness Educator
  • Certificate Date: 1986
  • School: Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Institute
  • Date: 1994-1996
  • Chi-lel QiGong- (Medical Qigong) Oct. 2008
  • Temple University- Bachelor of Social Work & Masters of Education from the Counseling Psychology Dept.
  • Certificates in Experiential Therapy and Psycho-Drama
  • Trained in SCIO/EPFX (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operational System) Certificate- 2004.


Treatment Techniques:

  • Herbs
  • Foods
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Counseling/Life Style Management
  • Detoxification/Fasting Programs/Body Wraps
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Whole Body Far Infra Red therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Reiki/Sound/Crystals & Chakra Balancing
  • Ear Coning


Where to Find Us:

Center for Spiritual and Health Awareness
5917 Drexel Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Phone: 215-877-2500



  • Inner Peace Package $185.00 includes:
  • 1/2 hr. Steam
  • Lakota Tribe Raindrop Therapy (10 different oils)
  • Full body massage
  • The Royal Package $185.00 includes:
  • 1 colonic
  • 1 hr. massage and steam bath

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